The development of the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions it necessitates have unfortunately forced us to postpone this year’s HÖHENRAUSCH. The planned exhibition will now take place next year, opening in the spring of 2021. We believe that the theme “Just Like Paradise” will be more topical than ever and that the selected works by over 30 international artists will inspire visitors just as much next year. 

We very much regret the postponement of HÖHENRAUSCH, especially as the entire team has put so much energy and passion into all the preparations over the past months and several guided tours had already been booked. We will of course carry on with our creative endeavors during the shutdown and plant to start up again with new projects in September as the situation allows.

Our special thanks go to the artists, partners, and sponsors of the exhibition. We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to welcoming you to HÖHENRAUSCH 2021.

Admission vouchers already purchased remain valid, but booked tours will have to be rescheduled next year.

Please address any questions to info@ooekulturquartier.at