Georg Nussbaumer

Georg Nussbaumer /AT


Water installation, Mariendom

comissioned by: OÖ Kulturquartier

In Georg Nussbaumer’s installation, the many disused gargoyles on the Mariendom spout water at certain times of the day. The water installation choreographed by the artist varies in its dimensions. It begins with gentle parabolas of falling water, which gradually grow from rivulets to veritable “waterfalls,” only to then taper off and finally subside. Depending on the strength of the flow, the cathedral is temporarily immersed in a burbling, splashing, or murmuring “cloud.” Linz’s neo-Gothic Mariendom, Austria’s largest church, undergoes here an ephemeral extension of its architecture, with arches of water falling outwards, thus becoming a “watery Notre Dame.”

Nussbaumer is a virtuoso “total artist” whose works range between composition, installation art, performance, and theater. His installations, often monumental in terms of terms of time and space, are shown internationally.

*1964 in Linz/AT, lives and works in Vienna.

Location: Mariendom