6) Leo Schatzl

Leo Schatzl /AT

EBB, 2015

old fiberglass canoe, waders, rollers, hoses, folding canisters, blower with electronic controls,  variable size

team: Christian Haas, Ursula E. Klein, Florian Gutzwiller

A figure slowly straightens up. Strictly speaking, it is only half a figure or rather a pair of waders that gradually inflates. Along with it rises a canoe that is buoyed by means of steering rollers and water canisters attached to ropes. Inspired by the natural rhythm of the tides, pressure and tension alternate here with a feeling of emptiness and release.

*1958 in Obernberg am Inn/AT, lives and works in Linz and Vienna

Location: OÖ Kulturquartier (6)

5) Isaac Julien 7) Jeanette Ehlers