35) Loose Harbour #2

Loose Harbour #2 /AT


students at the Art University: Jacqueline Böhm, Sarah K. Eder, Stefanie Farkashazy, Eginhartz Kanter, Rebekka Hochreiter, David Kapl, Nina Kern, Alice Möschl, Anna Pech, Sarah Rinderer, Julien Segarra, Robinson Stärk, Matthias Tremmel, Dimitrios Vellis u.a.
artistic conception, exhibition design, project management: Leo Schatzl

The title Loose Harbour refers to the impossibility of getting a grip on the liquid element and is meant to be understood as an antipode to the inherently fixed structure of a port. In this “loose harbor,” students at the University of Art and Design Linz draft new visions and concepts for a life on the water. The work centers on a wooden ship container that documents the years-long collaborative project “Floating Village.”

Location: OÖ Kulturquartier (35)

34) Mehdi Ghadyanloo 36) Tracey Moffatt