8) Nelo Akamatsu

Nelo Akamatsu /JP

CHIJIKINKUTSU, 2013/2018, CHOZUMAKI, 2016/2018

water, glass tumblers, glass jars, sewing needles, copper wires, wood shelves, magnetite, electronic devices, controllers, PC, variable size

CHOZUMAKI, 2016/2018
water, glass, vessels, magnets, plastic, electronic devices, controllers, variable size

The quiet sound of needles bumping into glass walls and the gentle gurgling of bubbling whirlpools – a storm in a water glass – fill the room. Nelo Akamatsu uses the all-encompassing element of water to translate elementary forces such as magnetism or vortex motions into gentle sounds. Hundreds of water glasses create an atmospheric sound space.

*in Tokyo/JP lebt und arbeitet in Kanagawa/JP | lives and works in Kanagawa.


Location: OÖ Kulturquartier (8)

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