32) ORF Musikprotokoll Im Steirischen Herbst

ORF Musikprotokoll Im Steirischen Herbst /AT


idea/conception/animation: Fränk Zimmer
musikprotokoll-curators: Susanna Niedermayr, Elke Tschaikner, Christian Scheib & Fränk Zimmer

A project of the ORF muskprotokoll

In an sound capsule on the upper floor of the Multispace, the ORF musikprotokoll presents sound artists who set out to explore foreign and geographically remote acoustic landscapes. The audio pieces by Jana Winderen, Werner Dafeldecker & Lawrence English, Angélica Castelló, and Kaffe Matthews are all based on sound material from unusual listening perspectives near water.


Location: OÖ Kulturquartier (32)

31) Andreas Strauss 33) Guido Van Der Werve