18) Simon Starling

Simon Starling /DK

Autoxylopyrocycloboros, 2006

Autoxylopyrocycloboros, 2006

38 color transparencies, 6 x 7 cm each

Götschmann medium format slide projector, flight case
Projected dimensions variabl, 4', loop

Courtesy: the artist & neugerriemschneider, Berlin

The boat “Dignity,” equipped with a single-cylinder steam engine, serves both as a means of transport and as fuel for its own four-hour crossing of Loch Long in Scotland. Bit by bit, the boat is fed into the engine’s boiler, thus consuming itself just like the snake “Ouroboros” devours its own tail, finally sinking into the shallows of the lake. Loch Long is considered the birthplace of the steamship and is also home to the UK’s controversial steam-powered nuclear submarine fleet.

*1967 in Epsom/UK, lives and works in Copenhagen.

Location: OÖ Kulturquartier (18)

17) Zentrum Für Politische Schönheit 19) Roman Signer