24) Tamara Grcic

Tamara Grcic /DE


sound installation, video, 24 loudspeakers, 18 exciters, 4 body shakers, 3 subwoofers, monitor
sound editing: Tamara Grcic, Raphael Languillat
sound engineer: Felix Dreher
speakers: Helgard Zeh, Nelly Politt, Lea Zehaf, Vincent Lang, Rainer Ewerrien

commissioned by: OÖ Kulturquartier

Tamara Grcic translates the flowing movement of a river into an acoustic interplay of voices. Words and sentences can be heard about the special qualities of a river and its constantly changing surface. The sounds of the words rise and fall, making the attic of the Ursulinenkirche vibrate, washing over the vaulted ceiling, the wooden walkways, and the visitors traversing them. In an additional video work, a young man observes the scene from the adjacent attic, lost in thought.

*1964 in München/DE, lives and works in Frankfurt.

Location: OÖ Kulturquartier (24)

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