17) Zentrum Für Politische Schönheit

Zentrum Für Politische Schönheit /DE


Video, sound, 3'53", loop

In the fight against smugglers and human traffickers and to stop thousands of refugees from drowning at Europe’s external borders, the EU resolves to undertake a gigantic construction project: a bridge from North Africa to Europe. While work is being carried out on this “epic humanitarian project,” 1,000 rescue platforms are set up in the Mediterranean as a stopgap – or at least so it says in the promotional video in which the activist artist group portrays a fictitious construction project for the benefit of humanity.

The Center for Political Beauty (ZPS) is a group of humanists and artists organized by Philipp Ruch, Stefan Pelzer, and Cesy Leonard.


Location: OÖ Kulturquartier (17)

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