Kids & Families


On to distant shores!
Rippling, effervescent, and refreshing, a drawing made up of thousands of water droplets magically turns the HÖHENRAUSCH roof into a giant fountain.

Water playground
Let it flow ... Children big and small can build, play, and experiment together here, or leisurely lay anchor at the Food Port and enjoy a relaxing break.

Every Sunday afternoon from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. the motto is: Full speed ahead! Children and adults set sail full of inspiration and put new ideas afloat.

A message in a bottle for you!
Brief messages-in-a-bottle convey the themes of the artworks in a readily understandable way to help children make their own discoveries.

“My Danube” holiday program for children’s groups
Taking a tour through the exhibition together, we encounter fantastic works of art and gather new impressions about the many aspects of water. Now some teamwork is called for as we create a river course using diverse materials.